Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 5: School comes before jiu jitsu!

Breakfast: two pieces of toasted Ezekiel brand whole grain bread with peanut butter and blackberry jelly
Lunch: steamed bok choy, cottage cheese in a mini whole grain pita, banana with 1 tbsp. cashew butter
Snack: Pita with cottage cheese, couple of peanuts, two strawberries
Dinner: steamed bok choy, 3 egg whites with one egg yolk, small piece of cheddar cheese, two strawberries
Study Snack: one walnut, couple of peanuts, cup of green tea

I've noticed I've been forgetting to mention that I've been snacking on peanuts, almonds and walnuts. I try and have both of these in very limited amounts, as the fat content is pretty high in all three. I've also been cutting out carbs at dinnertime. My body doesn't feel good when I've had carbs after working out at night- I get back as late as 9pm when I take two classes.

Another thing I should mention is that I am taking some supplements. I am vitamin deficient, but am also taking a couple due to vegetarianism.

- Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM- I use this for joint support. I had a knee ligament injury, and I swear this stuff helped it heal. I had to get a vegetarian version for the experiment
- Flax Seed Oil- I normally take fish oil pills, but switched to flax seed for the vegetarian experiment. I had heard conflicting things about flax seed oil compared to fish oil, but ultimately, I think the differences in health benefits are minimal
- Vitamin D- deficient as shown via lab test
- Vitamin B12- deficient as shown via lab test. Additionally, this is primarily found in meat, so it's really important I take it now
- Multivitamin- just to cover all my bases
- Calcium- I'm mildly lactose intolerant. I can't have milk or ice cream, but can have cheese and cottage cheese.
- Fiber- I take fiber in pill form occasionally. I only really take it if I know I'm not getting an adequate amount that day for whatever reason. I'd rather take it in pill form than in a powder like Benefiber
- Iron- iron deficient

Wow, that's a lot of supplements! And I'm actually against people overdoing supplements, but these are mainly because of vitamin deficiencies. I was actually surprised to see that I was deficient in some vitamins, as I have a reasonably healthy diet.

Had another intense day of training. Two and a half solid hours of class with lots of good sparring. I'll be out for the next two days because of academic commitments. Sometimes I have to remind myself that school comes before jiu jitsu!

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