Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Four

Today was a little less crazy than yesterday. After class, I was excused from work, as my boss was out all day.

Breakfast: steel cut oats with one scoop of whey protein powder
Lunch: steamed bok choy, pita with a bit of hummus, cottage cheese
Snack: 3 spinach and cheese spanakopitas. ended up cutting off a lot of the dough, as it was too much
Snack: Cottage cheese, apple
Dinner: bok choy, cottage cheese

Notice a pattern? Cottage cheese is one of my favorite foods, so I have no problem eating it at any time for an meal. I don't normally have a big dinner, as it's pretty late when I get back from training. BJJ was awesome today, as I had two hours of solid training, with at least half of that being live rolling. I'm gearing up to compete in the Pan Ams as a white belt, so I'm pretty stoked to get all this great training in!

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