Saturday, February 26, 2011

Even vegetarians can eat unhealthily

As stated in my previous post, I knew today was going to be an unhealthy day. I'm making it my last unhealthy day until all BJJ tournaments in the foreseeable future are over.

Breakfast: whole wheat bagel
Lunch: 2 slices of cheese pizza, one slice of veggie pizza, 1/3 of a can of coke
Snack: Frozen chai latte
Dinner: leftover Thai veggie food

Additionally, I had two banana cupcakes that day and a cookie...definitely not the best meal setup. I ran about three miles today and lifted for half an hour. I would have run more, but I spent some time trying to break in my Vibram Five Fingers. They are meant to mimic barefoot running without the pain of running barefoot. I ran cross country in middle and high school, but had to stop because of consistent stress fractures. I'm hoping the Vibrams will reduce some of these injuries and strengthen my leg muscles.

Anyway, I hope the coming weeks are a little more successful in terms of not only what I eat, but how frequently I train. I missed a great training session this morning because I was helping out at an event on campus.

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