Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Redirecting My Energy

I'm finally ready to compete again. I've signed up for the Grappler's Quest in New Jersey and am debating doing both the under 119lb division as well as the 120-139.9 pound division. Through not drinking too much, eating healthy, doing strength and conditioning, and some other mystery I can't seem to fathom, I now walk around at 123 pounds. This is kind of astonishing, considering that about a year ago I was around 140lbs!!

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials are the day before Grappler's Quest, but Abu Dhabi weight divisions are MUCH different and for women, consist of only under 139lbs and over 139lbs. I would likely be one of the smallest in that tournament, but if I can weigh in for GQ on Friday, do the Trials on Saturday, and do GQ on Sunday, I'm down! Experience is experience, right?

Coming back up to compete has reminded me that I need to fix the mental aspect of my game. While I've become much less frustrated during class, I get WAY too amped the night before I compete. If any of you know who the UFC fighter Diego Sanchez is, that's pretty much what I'm like the night before I compete, sans Jesus/God references. Okay, and maybe less "YES!" cartwheels, but you get the idea.  But I think getting amped like that ultimately drains you. And while an adrenaline dump can help you get started, it's also an awesome way to gas during a 6 minute match.

Instead of listening to really intense music and pacing the night before, I'll probably relax a little and take my mind off the competition instead of being so preoccupied with it. Even in class, I've been less preoccupied with "winning" and more so with getting better.

Another thing I've added to my workouts is sprinting. I've been a distance runner since I was 14, and let me tell you, doing sprints for five minutes is 532049205x more exhausting than a ten mile run! I darn near collapsed at the end, but I think it's better for the explosiveness and speed needed in jiu jitsu.  I'm no fitness expert so I can't back that up with any science, but it's helping me!