Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 14

Breakfast: Toufayani Smart Bagel with Greek yogurt
Lunch: chili
Snack: Larabar- peanut butter cookie, cottage cheese, 1 walnut
Dinner: chili (less than what I had at lunch), 2 walnuts, about 10 peanuts, 4 strawberries, broccoli

Went to jiu jitsu today and I was more tired than usual. I didn't stay for the second class, and think yesterday may have taken a toll on me. I kept getting caught in submissions and just felt weak. Definitely weaker than I've ever felt while rolling. It was the first time I really externalized my frustration while rolling, and the first time I've ever felt truly frustrated. I smacked the mat hard when I got caught and definitely looked disgruntled. I'm trying to not take it too seriously, as I'm sure it's due to overtraining, but getting caught so many times definitely does suck.

I'm taking tomorrow off and will continue training on Saturday. Saturdays are typically a pretty intense morning, with BJJ from 10am-1pm.

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