Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day Six

Wednesdays are an interesting day for me. My only class is at 12:50pm, so I had breakfast pretty late. I also volunteer at a local public school with some other students, and had to attend some meetings on campus. I ended the day by running for half an hour in normal sneakers, and ran one mile in my Vibrams. This is an increase from the 3/4 of a mile I did last week.

Breakfast: steel cut oats with protein powder
Lunch: brown rice, steamed veggies, vegetarian egg roll
Snack: apple and cottage cheese.
Snack: free airhead from the campus bookstore :)
Dinner: 3 spinach and feta spanakopitas, one almond

At this point, I can't really say I miss meat. It's a bit annoying to find vegetarian options when I'm not cooking for myself, but I can't really say that I'm really craving it at this point. My life is also about to get a little more busy. I will be volunteering at the same school on a couple of weekday mornings. Additionally, I have a part time job on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. Not to mention I am always rushing to make it to 6:30pm BJJ! I'm really going to need to work on my time management. Even though I am only taking two classes, I am working, volunteering, giving campus tours, training, and job hunting. This gives me little time to cook or relax, but I'll figure it out.

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