Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day Seven: nonstopjampacked

This blog entry refers to Thursday, March 4th, but once again, I am up late. Thursdays, like Tuesdays, are very rushed for me. It's midterm season, and I still have a paper due tomorrow (or today as my clock has it). I have class at 10am, work until 5pm, and BJJ from 6:30pm until 9pm. It also doesn't help that I drive back to my apartment during rush hour, giving me just enough time to put down my stuff, change, and leave. There was no BJJ for me today, but I was still busy until about 10pm.

Breakfast: steel cut oats with protein powder
Lunch: 3 spinach and feta spanakopitas, cup of coffee, cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, a few peanuts
Dinner: PB&J on Sara Lee whole wheat bread (I ran out of my Ezekiel bread and had to borrow from my roommate), slice of eggplant parm, cottage cheese, a few peanuts and walnuts

I'm not too happy with how today went in terms of meals. Not enough meals spaced throughout the day, and I had my carbohydrates too late in the evening. Carbohydrates in the evening often make me feel sluggish and a little sleepy since I'm not walking around campus or running errands. I also didn't get any fruit in today, and not as many green veggies as I'd like.

I didn't get any exercise in today, but I don't want to overdo it as I am breaking in my Vibrams. I can feel my legs are quite sore and I'd hate to suffer an overuse injury before Pan Ams. I'm hoping to run tomorrow, and try a little over a mile in the Vibrams. I typically run about 30 minutes or so in my regular running shoes, and finish up with the Vibrams.

Next week is my spring break, and I won't be flying home. I'll be staying here to train and work. Instead of paying for a flight home, my parents are paying for me to go to Pan Ams in addition to the hotel and registration fee.

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