Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 20- chaos!

Breakfast: steel cut oats with protein powder, coffee with a tiny bit of half and half
Lunch: rice, steamed veggies, egg roll
Snack: Odwalla sweet and salty almond bar, cookie (free at an on campus event!)
Snack: Sandwich- ezekiel bread, peanut butter and a bit of mango pepper jelly, cottage cheese
Dinner: one sushi roll- brown rice, mango, avocado, Kombucha drink

Today was an insane day. Stuck on campus, hence the egg roll at lunch time and the cookie in the snack portion. I am not too happy with what I ate today, as I feel there wasn't nearly enough protein in my diet. I feel like I allowed myself to eat more carbs today because I know that I am competing at a higher weight class.

I'll be back on track tomorrow.

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