Saturday, March 5, 2011

Days 8 and 9- the stress is over!

Yesterday almost made me collapse! Stayed up late writing a paper, then classes and meetings until 5pm.

Breakfast: steel cut oats with protein powder
Lunch: rice, steamed veggies, egg roll
Snack: Luna protein bar
Dinner: PB&J on whole wheat bread
Snack: a few peanuts, 1 walnut, apple, cheese, cottage cheese

Breakfast: steel cut oats with protein powder
Snack: the last 3 spinach and feta spankopitas- finally!
Lunch: cucumber, avocado, and brown rice sushi
Snack: a few peanuts, green tea with honey

Going to get dinner with a friend soon. I'm trying not to go out to eat too much, but this is someone I haven't seen in a long time. The past few days have been so busy, I barely have time to breathe. I'm a little upset that I haven't been cooking enough real meals, and have thus been eating things like PB&J.

Finally got back to training after two days of not doing BJJ. It felt good to get back on the mat for 3 hours of drilling and rolling, and gave me some of my energy back. This week is my spring break, which I will be spending at school training as much as I can while still working. I also volunteer to help out a fifth grade class at a local public school, but we'll see if I can manage it. I really do need some time to just focus on myself and recharge!

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