Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gear Review: Scramble Rainbow Spats...also known as my super magic rainbow pants

Scramble is a European based BJJ company. They put out lots of cool tshirts and gear that aren't your typical glitter, foil, and skulls designs. I've been following their product releases via their Facebook page, and one day I saw them announce the release of their rainbow spats aka rainbow grappling tights. Being an Aoki fan AND a lover of unique gear like this, I was dripping with envy at those across the Atlantic that could get their hands on these. Since they are a European company, it's tough to get their products in the USA, and I wasn't too keen on paying a conversion fee and international shipping. HOWEVER...

...MMA Outlet carries Scramble gear too!!! I tweeted/emailed/begged MMA Outlet to stock the Scramble spats. I'm guessing they received a lot of these requests and a month or so after the initial release, they stocked the rainbow spats. I immediately jumped on the chance to buy them.

The picture appears to be too big for the blog post, so you can find a direct link to a picture of the spats by clicking here.

As soon as I opened the package, I was VERY impressed by the spats. They are very smooth and soft with sublimated logos. The colors on the front are different that the ones on the back, and the Scramble logo is on the bottom right shin while there are some Japanese characters on the upper left thigh. It has an elasticated waist with no drawstring. As you can see in the picture, it looks as though it's made of multiple pieces of fabric stitched together. This may be a factor in future wear and tear, but it's far too early to tell.

I've worn these in gi and nogi. I was so stoked the first time I bought them that I wore them under my gi even though there are long tights! People immediately took notice and asked where I bought them. I've also worn them to nogi classes. In both scenarios, they did not ride up and I didn't have to adjust them. I am 5'5", and these are a little long on me (I bought a size small), so I have to pull them up a little and roll the waistband over. They are really comfortable to roll in and they don't make me overheat while rolling.

Pros: cool looking, sublimated logos, comfortable, light but durable
Cons: price, no drawstring (doesn't bother me, but some prefer the drawstring), may be flashy for some.

I would recommend these to anyone bold enough to buy them. Would I wear them to a tournament? Not me. My opinion is that if you wear something so flashy, you'd better be REALLY awesome at BJJ (i.e. Gene LeBell and his pink gi, Aoki and his rainbow tights) and dominate your matches, otherwise you're going to look like a fool. The price is also steep at 55.99. Since this is a novelty item, I decided to splurge a little. (It also helped that I found a coupon code hidden in my gmail!) However, I love wearing them to my nogi classes. If you're interested in buying them, check out www.mmaoutlet.com. The direct link to the spats at MMAOutlet is here.

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