Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Shelve It For Later

After a weekend in Atlanta for the wedding of one of my old coaches and training partners, I came home on Monday and went to the gym yesterday as well as this morning to make up for lost time. We've been doing some drills in class that have really been helping my game, and I've been rolling outside of class to stay sharp.

Jason said something about BJJ that really resonated with me. He said that sometimes you just aren't ready to learn certain moves or positions yet. For example, when he was shown Reverse De La Riva, his first thoughts were "What the heck, this is just some kind of weird half guard, why would I ever use it?". Of course he eventually learned Reverse De La Riva and can use it/teach it in many situations. But his advice was not to get frustrated if something doesn't click immediately or quickly because sometimes you just aren't ready for it yet. By the time you're a black belt, you'll have strengths and weaknesses, but there won't really be any more "mysteries" in terms of knowing and understanding moves, concepts, and positions.

That sentiment is kind of how I feel about my jiu-jitsu journey. I would see some of the things my coaches taught and it just wouldn't click. And I'd think/wonder for months if I was a bad student, if I was dumb, would I ever understand it, is it the teaching style, etc. But in reality, I just wasn't ready for some moves. I know some blue belts who LOVE the berimbolo, but to me it's still kind of a mystery. What seems "fancy" and intricate to some isn't to others, and it's not really anyone's fault nor does it point out some kind of deficiency. Sometimes you just need to shelve things for later.

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